Tebing Keraton


Tebing Keraton is a new sightseeing destination in Bandung that recently famous after a lot of reviews on social media. Located only about 5 kilometers from Taman Hutan Raya Djuanda, precisely at Kampung Ciharegem Puncak, Desa wisata Ciburial, in the Cimenyan district.

From the cliff you can see amazing panorama of the forest and mountains. If you come in very morning, you’ll be able to view magnificent fog envelop the forest. When the sunrise arises, that’s where the magic moment taking place.

tebing-keraton-contentsThe cliff was not newly discovered. In fact, geologists have a proper name calling it the “Patahan Lembang” (Lembang fault) while local villagers call it by the Sundanese words of “gawir jontor” (“gawir” means cliff and “jontor” is local dialect slang for swollen lips).

The recent increasing popularity of the cliff with social-media buzz where thousand of visitors posting the location on Instagram. The locals seemed to welcome this official opening up of the cliff as a tourist destination last August, with best hopes that it will provide additional income for their economy.

“Keraton”, is unlike a grand palace where kings live but comes from the Sundanese term “karaton”, refers to nature’s captivating beauty, the natural richness and grandness of a beautiful landscape.

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